Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Sleeping "Tooty" went for a drive in her car...


I thought an animal attacked my flowers...

until I saw the evidence on this little critter's nose


This little guy was the center of attention


And he was also got a special treat


This little girl took a two hour nap (poor thing has a cold).  Woke up and asked for a back massage and then fell back asleep for another hour after her massage. 


We spent the evening up at the practice field watching the boys practice and Trav coach.
My thinking was I'd wear the kids out from being outside...

my thinking worked... they both went right to sleep at bedtime.


One last thing... I wanted to tell everyone who has been commenting lately...THANKYOU!  It has been so much fun reading all of your comments.  It seriously makes my day :)  I've tried to reply to each of them.  Some of you who don't have blogs I haven't been able to here's a thankyou for you!

Happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. what a fun day indeed... except for little miss's cold. poor gal! my little mister is getting one... boo hoo! it's so nice {aka - heavenly} when they go to bed on time!

  2. Yea for an easy bedtime :) And a great day!

  3. Yea! You figured out how to comment on my blog! Thanks to you too. Sweet post today. I love giving baby massages.

  4. that picture of the wee one napping is just too cute for words.....

  5. the flower pot & dirty face it just priceless!
    sorry your little one is sick, that is no fun. Our girls were sick earlier this week but they didn't take good naps at all!!!! ugh!

  6. Sweet babies!!! Looking forward to having some "colt time" on Sunday :)