Thursday, May 27, 2010

Calm Night and Crazy Day

Yesterday was my mother-in-law Tricia's birthday. 
Happy Birthday :) :) :)
We celebrated by going out to a restaurant that is out in the middle of NOWHERE!
The name of the restaurant is Fish Camp.  They serve fish and burgers.
The food is incredibly delicious... but what makes the restaurant so wonderful is the setting and views. 
You can either eat inside the restaurant or outside at picnic tables.

There is a little walkway/dock area... they provide bamboo fishing poles for anyone who wants to catch a fish or two after dinner. 

After we finished our dinner we all went down by the pond and fished and relaxed until the sun set.  It was such an enjoyable and relaxing night!

Just a little tidbit of information about this picture...
Emma was being a tooty (surprise surprise!) and would NOT smile for or look at the camera.  Instead she kept fake yawning :)

Nana the birthday girl and Colty

Inside the restaurant there was a buffalo head on the wall.  Emma was VERY concerned about it.  She kept telling us "It's stuck in dayuh (there)" "I can help it get out"
Colt on the other hand thought it was awesome

Okay so I know last week I had said I was going to do a post on how to dress cheaply... I still am...perhaps next week.  But for now I will show you my outfit from last night.  I wore a navy romper. Yes.... a romper :)  Now...I realize that in 15 years I will look back and think, "What in the world was I thinking!?" But for today I love it :) So anyways... I paid $16 for it.  And my earrings were $3 (both romper and earrings were from Forever 21). And my sandals were $9 from Walmart.  So for a grand total of $28 I had a complete outfit from head to toe. Not too shabby! AND yes...I definitely understand this outfit isn't everybody's cup of tea... but still... you TOO can dress cheaply!  :)

And that ends our calm and relaxing evening.

Moving on to today :)

Here's how it went down. 

Warning: this is extremely long

Wake up and head straight to the kitchen to make Colt a bottle.  Turn the faucet to the hot water on to warm up his bottle.  The water is cold.  Head to the bathroom to see if there is hot water in there.  Nope. 

I called Travis and he came home from work to see what was wrong.  Turns out the hot water heater is broken and has flooded all over the laundry room floor.  So he cleans that up and tells me to call the city to turn off the water so he can fix that and the bathtub faucet (that has been dripping for weeks). 

A guy comes out and turns off the water.  We wait for 30 minutes and the water is still running.  I call back to the city and they send a crew out to see what the problem is.  Turns out something is broken underneath the ground.  So they dig a nice sized whole in our yard...fix it... and now our water is officially turned off.

Trav fixes the leaky tub faucet.  And we call and have the city turn our water BACK on (this all happened before 11).  Trav has gone back to work.  He will work on the water heater at lunch.

The kids and I get in the car and head out to get groceries at ALDI (my favorite grocery store! cheap!).  My car air conditioning is broken (happened right after we got home from Missouri) so even though it was a toasty ride to the grocery store it still wasn't too bad because it was still pretty early in the day.

We get a full cart of groceries and I procede to the checkout.  The cashier rings up all our groceries and loads them in another cart (you bag them yourself). I switch Colt over to the new cart and get my wallet out to pay.  I go to pull out my debit card and realize it's in Trav's pants pocket back at the house (from the day before).  No problem... "can I write a check?"... No.  So then I had another debit card for our savings account.  I go to use that and can't remember the pin number since I never use it.  AND they can't run it through as credit. 

So... they take my grocery cart to the freezer at the back of the store to keep cool while I go and find some way to pay.  Meanwhile, I have Colt on my hip and am dragging a screaming Emma out of the store.  Turns out she was screaming because she had put her shoes in the cart that they had wheeled to the back of the store.  I told her we would get them when we came back to pay for our groceries.

I didn't want to drive 20 minutes home so I thought I would just go to a nearby bank to cash a check.  I pulled up to the drive through and asked if they could cash a check even though they weren't my bank. 
"Sure.. no problem.. we just prefer you come inside to do it"
So I unload both kids again and go inside (remember Emma has no shoes).  We wait about 10 minutes in line.  I write out a check and hand it to the teller. 
"Oh... I'm sorry you can't cash this here since it's not your bank."

So back into the car we go.  By this time my car said the temperature outside was 96.
The kids heads looked like tomatoes from being so warm :)

I finally found a bank that was ours my cash... went back to ALDI... paid for my groceries... got Emma's shoes back... and headed home.

All of this took place before 1.

It was one of those days that was so crazy that you couldn't help but laugh at how ridiculous it was!!!  Although mid way through I wasn't laughing :) ha


And ya know... at the time this all seemed like such a huge problem and big deal.  My car air doesn't work... our water heater is broken (we ended up having to get a new one by the way)'s hot... I am tired of getting in and out of the car with the kids... I can't believe I don't have my debit car...I could go on and on...

But really these are all such silly things.

There is a family in our community whose father died in January in a car accident. They have a teenage son who plays baseball.  He ruptured his spleen at a game awhile back.  They did tests to see what was wrong and it turns out that he has leukemia.

I'm sure his mother would love to have my day full of petty problems. 
It makes me sick to think about them.

If you think of it keep this family in your prayers. 


Hope everyone has a great long weekend relaxing!

John 16:33, " I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace.  In this world you will have trouble. But take heart!  I have overcome the world."


  1. oh wow. what a day. wow. so exhausting!
    and, that is so sad about that family in your town, i will be praying for them. i can't imagine.
    and, you look so cute in your romper! you totally pull it off! adorable!

  2. ASHLEY! You should have called me!!!!!!!! I was home all day yesterday and would have rushed right over to help you and those sweet babies! Although now you have a memory that you will never forget. :)

    Okay, yes please to the adult it! Not sure how it would look on me, but you are adorable.

    Fish Camp is the best...don't you love how the bait they provide is marshmallows?! Ha!

    Praying for a better day today. :)

  3. I'm stressed out reading about your day. I would have been crying for sure.

    About the romper/outfit, you look great every moment I see you. I saw one in Target that I loved, but this big belly would look GROSS in it. You look fab as usual!

    We're going to have to try FISH CAMP. Sounds like so much fun!!

    I love ya'll!

  4. ok i commented and it got deleted i think. so ugh, long story short: romper=way cute, bad day=exhausting!, and miss and love yall!

  5. hi! I stumbled upon your blog from Fly Through Our Window. Such a cute blog and I have to say the picture of your bedroom all messy had me rolling! I can't tell you how many times I've walked through our house (kicking toys aside, picking up crumbs, dirty clothes, etc.) thinking --- I need to take a picture of THIS and blog about it so everyone can see the real me! :)

  6. If you need an honest mechanic let me dad has owned a shop for 30 years.

    Your family is picture-perfect.

  7. I love reading your blog Ashley! Fish Camp looks like a gorgeous seems like someone else blogged about it lately but I can't remember who?? I think you look adorable in the romper. I couldn't pull it off but I love the look and keep trying to convince Addie to let me buy her one. But the princess only likes dresses...sigh...Your crazy day would have had me exhausted but you're right-they are small problems compared to some! I'll keep that family in my prayers! Miss you!

  8. My favorite line: their head looked like tomatoes! HA! Bless your heart! I know those days and it's such a good reminder of all we have to be thankful for (most of the time afterward!)

    So where is fish camp? It sounds familiar, but I can't place it.

    Oh, and I love the romper on you. I think they are a little ridiculous on little girls though-obviously they don't have a 3 year old. What a nightmare when they need to potty quickly!

  9. Sounds exactly how my days go trying to tote around my 3. I'm lovin' Aldi too--went there today in fact. : ) Thanks for the reminder to keep it all in perspective. I get very overwhelmed at times when really it's not a big deal in the scheme of life.

  10. Oh this is a good one...
    First, So sorry about the hectic day-why does it seem like once one bad thing comes, everything bad follows?!

    LOVE Fish Camp! Camdyn threw pebbles into the water for an hour straight! Great entertainment for kids and I love how they serve you beans and cornbread before your meal!

    Also, very cute romper...I bought one a while back and I love it!

  11. sorry i'm super late on this one! i adore your romper... we are getting a forever 21 and i'm super excited! - all the more motivation for me to lose the baby weight! : ) sorry about your day... when it rains it pours! the fish camp sounds just like a restaurant near us... mmm!

  12. Sounds like a totally CRAZY day ... but, yes, good to keep things in perspective by looking at the other family in your community.

    LOVE the romper. Didn't know they still made those. :)

    Fish Camp sounds like a totally cool place to go. Fun!

    Laurel :)