Thursday, April 29, 2010

To our Pawpa


Here is a special video for you!

We love you!

Glad you're home :)


Emma and Colt (who was asleep when this video was being recorded)


  1. what. a. CUTIE!

    I'm so glad her pawpa's going to be okay. :)

    and about your last post - those sandals from american eagle, I saw those recently and LOVED them! I was hoping to not have to pay full price, but ohhh they're just perfect. maybe my 15% off coupon is a good enough reason to splurge! haha

  2. Hi Ashley! You don't know me, but I am friends with Melissa Butler and I have clicked on your blog a couple of times. It's adorable! We live in the same neighborhood...I am in the red house on Washington. Anyway, I love following your blog!