Thursday, April 22, 2010


Tonight is one of those nights where I don't have much to say. So just a quick little pic update!

Colty boy's top teeth are finally through!  His drooling has not slowed down though...his shirt is evidence :)

Emma insisted on taking her "boat" and babies outside this afternoon

Em likes to take my camera when I'm not looking and snaps pictures as fast as she can before I discover her.  It always cracks me up to see what she's taken pictures of.  Thought this one was sweet :)  When I showed it to her she said she took a picture of her pink polish :)

I've been busy sewing custom orders and also working on a few things to send with a sweet friend Elaine (also known as The Blanket Lady) to a craft fair this weekend.  Love the springy colors of these fabrics!

Alrighty... off to curl up on the couch to watch a movie with Trav!
Happy Friday tomorrow!!!


  1. ADORABLE dresses!!! Wow!!! Wish I had a little girl to dress them in.

    :) :) :)

  2. The dresses look AWESOME!!!!! I love them! I can't wait to show them off for ya ;)

  3. Ashley!!!! That is SO crazy! B/c Stacey is one of my good friends! So random! Oh my word... your kids are so stinking cute! I am so excited to connect... b/c I am addicted to blogging! haha... and I especially love finding people I know! How have you been?!

    John and Katherine have a blog as well... its a word press... if you'd like the URL let me know!

    Have a great day!!