Friday, April 9, 2010

Let the fun begin!!!

Welcome to my new blog!!! First and foremost a GIGANTIC Thank you to Kelly over at
Fabulous K Creative! She is hands down the most talented and creative person I know! She is a pleasure to work with as well! So head on over to her blog and get on her waiting list while it is still open (I believe she will be closing it soon).

Now...the reason for a new blog...

For those of you who weren't aware I had a previous family blog under a different web address. It had our last name included and I thought it would be a little wiser to make our blog a little bit more anonymous! So, if you were following our previous blog and had us saved as a favorite if you wouldn't mind switching out our old blog for our new blog! :)

Now... why The Vanilla Tulip!?!

Several reasons!

Reasoning behind Vanilla: There are a couple... one of them being the fact that we sometimes call our little guy "The Vanilla Gorilla" because of his blond hair (I'm pretty sure my mom used to call her little brother that that right mom? :) ) Another reason is because I just plain old love Vanilla flavoring! Especially added to my Dr. Pepper!!! Random... but there you have it for the Vanilla.

Reasoning behind Tulip: I come from a strong Dutch heritage on both sides of my family (mom's and dad's) and I'm sure most people know this but tulips are usually associated with Holland/the Netherlands. And not only do they remind me of my family but I love the way the look too!

So... very random... but very me :)

And just because I know the Grandma's will be looking for a picture here are a couple from our afternoon at the park!


  1. BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love the new look! And, yes, Uncle Bill was the "Vanilla Gorilla"! LOVE me a little blond baby!


  2. fun new blog! got my bookmark changed and will keep following along! btw i LOVED your post about Trav taking you to the Symphony-what a great hubby!

  3. Looks great! Love following your blog!

  4. Fancy Fancy! Maybe you're the next Pioneer Woman! :)

  5. Beautiful!! It's a spring cleaning for your blog! I love it!

  6. Love your new look! And I love the name!