Thursday, April 29, 2010

Daily Walks and Calendar Day

I don't know about any other stay at home moms but I go crraaazyyy if we have to stay home all day!  To be honest there isn't a day that goes by that we don't load up in the car to go somewhere...whether it be sonic ;) or just to drive around.  Lately, the weather has been gorgeous so we've been going on daily walks as well around our neighborhood.  I figure we'd better take full advantage of the spring weather before the Texas heat rolls in!  I absolutely LOVE the neighborhood in which we live.  It's full of fabulous historic homes.  One of my favorite homes is owned by a couple in their late 50's.  They both have quite a green thumb and there is always some sort of flower blooming along their fence year-round.  She gave us permission to pick flowers anytime we like... such a treat! I've been taking my scissor along on our walks to clip a fresh rose for a little vase in my kitchen window.  Isn't it amazing how a little flower can brighten your day?! :)

I am in love with his little fuzzy round head!!! :)

Our favorite fence full of flowers!

Then right when you think it can't get any better we turn the corner and the smell is GORGEOUS.  Along their side fence they have honeysuckle growing everywhere! Smells like pure heaven!

So there you have it... one of my favorite parts of our day!

Today was Calendar Day at our home.  Calendar day comes once a month over here.  I have a gigantic calendar hanging on my fridge and at the end of the month I rip off that month and Emma gets to paint and color all over it.  She will sit and craft on it for a good hour.  Nothing like a good piece of calendar paper ;)  Exciting times over here at our house :)


I'm off to bed... it's been a long day!
Yay for the weekend almost being here!

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  1. I'm with you, we have to get out even if it's just a walk!