Cossettie Review

posted on: Sunday, January 25, 2015

 With sick season at an all time high I am ALL about keeping the germs at bay!  Eloise is still in diapers which means I have to be creative as to where I am changing her. Typically I steer clear when it comes to the changing tables in restaurants or stores.  But there are times when that's not an option.  Which is why I ADORE my extra large On-the-Go Changing Mat from Cossettie!  This thing is HUGE and covers the entire changing table. There's nothing worse than whipping out your changing mat for it only to cover a fraction of the area the baby is laying on.  I love that this mat can also be used in other places as well.  It's super easy to roll out, fold up and is machine washable!

One of my other favorite products that Cossettie carries is their Shopping Cart/High Chair Cover.  This product is GENIUS!!!  I have tried my fair share of Shopping Cart/High Chair Covers and so many of them are bulky and hard to pack along.  This cover is easy to pack up, lightweight and is machine washable. It's super compact which means I can throw it into my diaper bag along with the Diaper Changing pad!


Cossettie's mission is to help keep little ones clean through innovative and affordable baby gear that is easy to carry around, use and wash. Our award winning Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover and extra large On-the-Go Changing Mat are compact and lightweight; allowing them to easily fit into diapers bags and even purses too. We want to make life simple for parents on the go through well thought out baby gear, tested by moms and dads.  
Cossettie was founded by two sisters that had an idea and decided that they would put their idea into action. As moms we know how hard it is to carry a baby, hold the hand of a toddler and have that diaper bag over your shoulder. How could we possibly have arm space to carry a huge shopping cart and high chair cover too??? So we decided it was time to simplify baby gear making it more functional, lightweight and ultra compact while still providing the coverage needed to help keep germs away from little ones. 
Our Shopping Cart and High Chair Cover retails for only $12.99 is large enough to cover a warehouse style shopping cart, but fits down into an attached bag that you can easily fit in a diaper bag; earning it the Baby Maternity Magazine Top Choice Award in 2014. The National Parenting Center also awarded our On-the-Go Changing Mat the Seal of Approval because it actually covers an entire public restroom changing table from end to end, while being compact making it easy to carry around. All of our products are machine washable and air dries very quickly due to the quality, durable rip-stop nylon we use. 
With flu seaon in full swing our products are perfect to help keep your little ones away from germs! Get one for yourself, get one for a friend and/or get one for a grandparent. 
Plus we want to give all Vanilla Tulip readers 10% OFF your entire purchase!  Just enter the coupon code VanillaTulip at checkout now through February 15, 2015
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posted on: Monday, January 5, 2015

One of the things that I love most is looking back on a full year.  This year was such a great one.  Full of some really big highs and a pretty big low.  But through it all one thing has been so constant.  The Lord.  One thing is for sure, this year has drawn me closer to Him more than ever.  I'm thankful for the hard times that were had. Thankful that through them I was able to cling to the promises that He has given us. I love looking back at our year as a whole.. it's such a sweet reminder to see how MANY wonderful blessings we have.  Both big and small!

Just a few bits of our year…

We built a lot of forts, continued to work on homeschooling with Emma, celebrated her sixth birthday and played outside a lot in the mild Texas winter.

Sweet Eloise turned one, my parents came for a visit, and we got snow!

My little guy Cade turned three, we spent the majority of our time outside enjoying the weather, went to the Farmers Market and did a 10 day Marriage Challenge.

We celebrated Easter, went on a few picnics and then I went on an all expenses paid trip to Napa/San Fran with Rodan and Fields!

We spent the weekend at the lake, rearranged the little cottage a bit, took a trip to Missouri and ate tacos at the park.

The majority of June was spent at the splash pad or at the pool. Glorious!
July was a big month for our family! Colt turned 5, I turned 30, we took a big week long vacation to the beach and we found out we were expecting baby number five!

August was a hard month.  The beginning of the month we found out that we lost our sweet baby five.
The end of the month was filled with excitement as Emma started first grade at a new school! 

Was filled with school activities, figuring out what routine worked best for our new school schedule, outside playing and a solo trip to Atlanta for me for our annual Rodan and Fields Convention!

We celebrated 8 years of marriage, went to the pumpkin patch, made caramel apples and took a quick trip to Nebraska for a family wedding.

November was a crazy month…we sold our sweet 2 bedroom blue cottage and found a home we loved all in a few weeks, picked enough pecans to make a pie and celebrated Thanksgiving!

We worked on getting the house somewhat unpacked, cut down a Christmas tree, had the flu run through our house for two weeks and took a trip to Missouri to celebrate Christmas with my side of the family.

Jonas Paul Eyewear

posted on: Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Earlier this year we stepped into the unknown world of glasses for Emma.  After receiving a note from the school nurse saying she had failed both vision tests we took a trip to the optometrist.  Sure enough, she needed glasses.  We shopped around for a few days and I quickly discovered that cute glasses for children were a rare find at most stores.  We ended up finding a pair we loved, but were still on the hunt for a second pair.
I was THRILLED to have discovered Jonas Paul Eyewear.  Their story and the concept behind their company is just incredible!
I would encourage you to head HERE to watch the video about how their company came to be.

I thought it would be fun to walk you through the process of how you order glasses through Jonas Paul Eyewear.  To begin you head to their website and order a free home try-on kit from their website.  They sent Emma six different pairs of glasses to try on in the comfort of our home.  You have seven days to try them on, take pictures of them and to compare before you have to send the try on box back.

Emma had the best time trying on the different sets of glasses! We made several collages to compare and then texted them to family/friends for their vote.

Once you've selected the glasses that you love, you head to their website to purchase them.  From there you can enter in the prescription and add any extra lenses you would like.  It takes about two weeks for the prescription glasses to be completed.

You can find Jonas Paul Eyewear at the following places:

 photo 856ae61a-c412-4c9d-b456-67e2ad5c39aa_zpsf29951bc.jpg  photo 0cc51c98-e1d8-4f9c-9a5b-cec4a4fef96a_zps68e8278f.jpg  photo 5f39ca45-4e01-429c-a3e9-c6c794096382_zpsd8d0c6a5.jpg

We ended up choosing the Ruth Frame in Black which is the bottom right!  They are ADORABLE!!!
 photo 0b47273c-66ee-4672-a344-c8765b624b88_zps595059ab.jpg

December so far...

posted on: Friday, December 26, 2014

December has been good to us.  I didn't intentionally mean to step away from the blog for so long… but it just happened :)  We were all hit with what I think was the flu for almost a week and a half.  Since that whole thing happened we've been trying to cram in every last bit of holiday fun we can!

Just a peek at what our December has looked like…

//1. We made Reindeer Food/Trash Can Mix one afternoon.  It was simply an entire bar of white almond bark melted into a bowl…then the kids all threw in handfuls of pretzel sticks, m+ms, peanuts and white rice cereal.  Stir it up and then pour out on some wax paper to dry!

//2. Travis and I were the last two to get the sickness. And unfortunately we both got it on the same day. Which meant the kids were very much fending for themselves! The morning after the brunt of the sickness I was still feeling pretty awful… sweet Eloise kept me company for awhile!

//3. Documenting the date of 12/13/14 as a family!

//4.  One night we had a Birthday Party for Jesus complete with balloons, cupcakes and presents.  Since we celebrate Christmas with our extended family every year we wanted to have a tradition that would be the same year after year for our own little family. 
 photo 35a5fc95-d72e-4a0e-841a-5a9b04c98f2e_zpsbd728aff.jpg
//1. Getting ready for a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's always involves cleaning out the car!

//2. Sweet sisters after church on Sunday.  Our neighbor has a Frosty the Snowman in his front yard… Eloise is always on the hunt for it!

//3.  We celebrated Christmas with Travis' side of the family this past weekend.  All of the kids received new pi's which of course they had to put on right when they got home :)

//4.  Quiet mornings spent crafting are one of my favorites!
 photo efd0d47c-bbaa-4641-8b29-58acd5114526_zpsb901c525.jpg
 photo 9a575aef-cb0b-4c0c-babb-5d0acc278a22_zps1c1b5f87.jpg
//1. I got to spend a morning last week at Emma's school for her Christmas party!  I'm so proud of my first grade girl!

//2. Saturday was Trav's birthday.  He was gone part of the day on a hunting trip, so the kids and I decided to continue on celebrating his birthday without him :)  We went out for Mexican and then to the book store to find him a present!  I love spending time with little group!

//3. Donuts. Enough said :)

//4. We went out for ice-cream with my sister last week.  Eloise was such a big girl and didn't get a drop of it on her!
 photo 2b866a1d-73a6-45ee-aa6f-aeed8531429e_zps201741f8.jpg

Matilda Jane Christmas

posted on: Tuesday, December 23, 2014

One of the things that I love about having little girls is being able to dress them alike!  It can be a bit tricky finding outfits that coordinate with the five year age difference that we have.  I was so pleased to find that our favorite girl's clothing line Matilda Jane had coordinating Christmas outfits!  I love them because they're a bit different than your typical holiday dress.  The colors are fun and bright which makes them last beyond the month of December.

Matilda Jane does things a bit differently.  To order their clothing you'll find a Trunk Keeper in your area then place your order with them. Just head over here and you can search for one! 

Eloise: Good Cheer Knot Dress + Meow Meow Cardigan

Matilda Jane also just came out with a fun pajama line! You can see them here!

Two Days

posted on: Tuesday, December 16, 2014

If you've considered joining Rodan and Fields as a Consultant before or have tinkered with the idea but never reached out to learn more… now is definitely the time.  I'm offering the biggest incentives I've ever offered to anyone who joins my team tomorrow and Thursday (the 17th and 18th) only.  I've been doing this business almost a year and a half and have never done anything quite this fun or big. :)

Over this past year and a half I have fallen in love with this business.  I knew I loved the skincare before I had even started the business.  But when I joined I realized that the business was not only changing our families financial future, but it was changing other family's financial futures as well.  I have many women on my team all with different why's for this business.  Some are needing money to pay bills, others are wanting to fund extra curricular activities for their kids, some are wanting guilt free shopping money and others are wanting to have more to give towards charities that they love.

We're not a party company…so you can grow your business around your own hours and from wherever you are.

Whatever your "why" is… I would love to help you achieve it.  I love my team and I love helping grow thriving businesses.  You'll be given the best training as well as continual support.

Shoot me an email if you'd like to know more! thevanillatulip (at) yahoo (dot) com

Boy's Room

posted on: Thursday, December 11, 2014

In our old home all four kids shared a bedroom which worked beautifully! But with this new house we gained an additional bedroom. Which meant a boy's room and a girl's room.  I didn't want to spend a ton on decorating so we used a lot of what we already had from the previous shared room.

Here are a few of the details (I'll be sharing a few of these shops in detail over the weekend…as well as discounts!):

+Wall Decals are from Urbanwalls. I love them because they're easy to apply and easy to take off without leaving a mark!

+Black Bear Rug from Not Too Shaggy on Etsy. This rug is INCREDIBLY soft!

+White Cross Pillow from She's Happy Design.  Stephanie the shop owner is incredibly kind and customized this pillow to match the boy's room.  She was such a delight to work with! I'm excited to share her shop in detail with you this weekend.

+Black and White Stripe Rug from PlushRugs.Com

+Black and White Pattern Rug from Ikea

 photo Collage1_zps6668697c.jpg