Monday, November 23, 2015

How to get Glowing Skin

It's been almost 2 1/2 years since I became a Consultant with Rodan and Fields Skincare.  If you have followed along with my blog for that long you'll know that I joined because of the way that the products cleared up my acne.  I actually had used the products six months BEFORE selling them and quickly realized I could make our family a nice paycheck by simply sharing about skincare that WORKED :)

My story in a nutshell… I had struggled with acne since I was a pre-teen.  Clear and glowing skin was never my thing.  I tried every kind of face wash and treatment. Concealer and coverup became my best friends.  This cycle of trying random products and using a lot of makeup ran well into my late 20's.  I began using Rodan and Fields products after my sister-in-law introduced them to me.  It quickly cleared up my skin and kept it that way!  

This past pregnancy (my fifth) I ended up getting a pretty bad case of melasma (aka the dark pregnancy mask).  It was primarily over my upper lip, a little bit on my cheeks, on my nose and also above my eyebrows.  In years past I would have not had a clue what to do about it.  But now that I'm a Consultant with R+F I knew that I could just use our Reverse Regimen to fade it.  I used the Reverse Regimen for two months and I'm pleased to say that it worked!  Here are my results...

Our products are created by the same dr.'s who created Proactiv.  Dr. Katie Rodan and Dr. Kathy Fields.  They knew they had done something great with Proactiv and wanted to create a line of products for other skin types.  We have products for…
+sagging skin
+dark circles
And much more!

If you're interested in hearing more about products that would work for you, then shoot me an email and I would love to send over some information!  My email address is:

And if you're interested in learning a bit more about the business side of Rodan and Fields I would love to send some info your way!  I am looking to train FOUR women over the month of December and would love to have you be a part of my team!  The first four to sign up as Consultants will receive a nice signing bonus.. just in time for the holiday season!  

For anyone who purchases by December 5th you will receive an extra gift from me… email me for details!

You can read more about my story with Rodan and Fields here on their blog.

Below is a fun Gift Guide that shows a few of my favorite product pairings!  These products are not only great for yourself but also to treat some special people in your life! At a slightly higher price point, the $100 and under guide is meant for those special people in your life who you really want to amp things up for. Your daughter, son, mom, dad, husband, wife, or best friend deserve the best when it comes to caring for their skin, so why not give it to them? 

Teachers and nurses go crazy over this one! Our hands are among the hardest working and most environmentally vulnerable parts of our bodies. That’s why the backs of people’s hands often look so much older than their faces. To defend against the telltale signs of skin aging, we created the REDEFINE Hand Treatment Regimen. It visibly brightens, diminishes visible redness and reduces the appearance of brown spots, wrinkles and thin, crepey skin. Regimen includes REDEFINE Hand Brightening Treatment and REDEFINE Age Shield Hand Balm.

Who doesn't want to have the perfect summer glow year round?! Exfoliation, a UV free tanning foam, and hydration for body and lips will give you a natural glow and leave friends wondering which beach you just visited!

The Ultimate Exfoliation Combo!! Our micro dermabrasion paste has become so popular for a reason. It is the most luxurious high-glide, oil free scrub that can be used on face, body, hands, and feet. Follow it up with our body moisturizer and HELLO SILKY SMOOTH, baby soft skin! The best part about this is the tub of paste lasts for about 6-8 months. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving!!

Lips & Eyes! I think the rockstar of this combo has to be our Lip Serum. This past spring, VOGUE beauty editors raved about it and put it at the top of their spring Hit List. It is the key to getting the perfect pallet for lipstick. For the most kissable lips: exfoliate, serum, spf lip shield add the eye cloths and you will definitely be ready for that kiss under the mistletoe!

I have included a few other before and after pictures for you to look at...

These are my sister-in-law Kim's results after using our Redefine Regimen, Macro Exfoliator Tool and Multi-Function Eye Cream.

My friend M.C's results from the Reverse Regimen.

My friend Paige's results with the Redefine (anti-aging) Regimen.

Results from using the Unblemish Regimen.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Taking Stock- November Edition

Making : a giant mess in my bedroom as I sort through clothes figuring out what fits and doesn't. This in between size business isn't for the faint of heart…can I get an amen?!
Cooking : nothing today… dinner tonight was leftover Chicken and Rivel soup. Recipe to come!
Drinking : a cup of coffee with extra cream
Reading : I'm mid-way through "For the Love" by Jen Hatmaker… so far a great read!
Wanting : absolutely nothing
Looking: forward to Thanksgiving next week, spending time with my side of the family and giving my baby brother and his new fiancĂ© a big hug!!! 
Playing: a rotation of Natalie Grant Christmas and Whitney Houston Christmas stations on Pandora
Wasting: hmm… not sure of anything I'm wasting…which I guess is a good thing ha!
Wishing: for snow!  I grew up in Iowa which meant endless amounts of snow.  This Texas snow (or lack thereof) is for the birds!
Enjoying: our white Christmas tree…. I love the cozy glow it gives our living room and kitchen! 
Waiting: for my new pair of glasses to be delivered! I used Warby Parker to order so far my experience has been great!
Liking: all things plaid and flannel and my holiday scented candles.
Wondering: how long it will take me to not huff and puff through my mile run every day.  :)  
Loving: that I have FIVE babies!  I have always wanted to be a mama and have a large family… thank you Lord!
Hoping: to find a new recipe to use a bag of cranberries I purchased at the store yesterday. I'm thinking maybe a bread or a coffee cake might be tasty! Any ideas?!
Marveling: at how QUICKLY Cash Marshall is growing.  Sweet nugget is somewhere around 20 pounds at 3 1/2 months.  He is such a glorious butterball!
Needing: for my hair to stop falling out!  Post-partum my hair always falls out by the handfuls.  Anyone else?!
Smelling: my Christmas Wreath candle
Wearing: black sweatpants and a plaid shirt (surprise surprise)
Noticing: that one of the presents under the Christmas tree has a tiny tear in it… someone has been peeking it appears :)
Knowing: that Eloise will wake up like clockwork bright and early tomorrow, she'll ask for a glass of water and then a banana or a piece of cheese.  We laugh because a banana first thing to her is like a cup of coffee to me.  I love that about her :)
Thinking: about our school plans for tomorrow.  We are studying the Mayflower as well as memorizing Isaiah 12:4-6 for Thanksgiving dinner!
Bookmarking: mini cribs I'm needing something small that Cash can sleep in in our room.  Currently he is in a little rock-n-play.  Do you have a mini crib that you love?
Opening: a bag of almonds for a snack
Feeling: overwhelmed with thankfulness for my family.  For our health and for the Lord's provision in our lives.  Most of all feeling overwhelmed with thankfulness for this upcoming holiday season and what it really means.  Thank you Lord for coming to earth to save us.  I am so thankful for the hope that we have.  Thankful this world isn't our home.  
 If you don't have hope or know where you're going when you die I'd love to talk to you more about what Jesus has done for you.  Please do not hesitate to send me an email.  thevanillatulip (At) yahoo (dot) com.  I would love to share with you what Jesus has done for you and me!

Kids Craft: Thanksgiving Cards

I have partnered up with 12 other bloggers for a fun Thanksgiving Blog Hop!  Make sure to visit each of the following blogs for ideas that you can use as you celebrate Thanksgiving next week!

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One of things I love most about the holidays is finding ways that my kids can be a part of the fun.  Growing up my sisters and I always made the name tags for the Thanksgiving table.  I wanted to carry on this tradition with my own kids.  We came up with a fun little idea that could be used as either a name tag for a place setting or as a card to give to someone!  I think what I love most about these cards is that every time we look at them we all laugh :)  

STEP ONE:  I simply used my iPhone to crop and print the pictures.  I took a screen shot of the photo.  Then I used the app Afterlight to crop the photos.  I used a square shape when cropping and tried to make it where the head was taking up all of the square.  I then printed them off with the Walgreens app.  I chose the 4x4 square photo size when printing off.  SUPER easy!

STEP TWO: Cut out the heads!  My 7 year old and I were the ones who did this part.  

STEP THREE: I had the kids decide who was going to be a pilgrim and who was going to be an Indian.  This was the part that really had them laughing :)  Once they had decided I started drawing the outlines for feathers, hats and collars.  Then they started to cut!  If you have younger children just know that you will need to be a bit more hands on for this craft.  I promise you it'll be well worth your time to sit and make these all together!

STEP FOUR:  We used card stock to make small cards to glue our heads onto.  Then we assembled each head with some Elmers glue and giggles :)

And that's it!  A precious little craft that I can guarantee will bring some laughter to your home!  If you end up making them I would LOVE to see!  Just use the hashtag #thevanillatulipcraft on social media.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

To the mama who doesn't feel good enough...

Social media is a funny thing…so much good can come from it. And yet so much bad. 

Eight years ago as a new mom there wasn't Instagram (let's take a moment and talk about how crazy that is!).  There were blogs.  But not a ton of them.  I started blogging when my oldest was a baby… just to keep our out of town family up to speed on what we were up to.

During those first few years of motherhood I was able to figure out who I was as a mother without a lot of comparison.  There was so much time just spent pouring into my babies… no cell phone app as a distraction.  Nothing to make me feel not quite adequate enough as a mom or as a woman.

And now here we are… eight years later.  And while Instagram can be such a wonderful thing by bringing community together, documenting days, used as a platform for good, etc. It can also be something that can leave young mothers feeling completely inadequate and not good enough.  The little squares of perfection that we see…they are misleading and deceiving.  

What is so ridiculous is we KNOW that. But how quickly we forget.  

Young mamas just starting out on this journey…. know that it will be hard.  You will have so many days where you're tired and feel like you don't have it together.  That is normal.

Instagram shows us young moms who instantly are thin with thick hair after childbirth.  Real life… I'm still 25 pounds overweight and my hair is falling out by the handfuls.  

Instagram shows us perfectly made beds in the children's rooms.  Real life… I'm washing two sets of sheets that have been peed on in the night.

Instagram shows us organic, grass fed beef, loaded with vegetable dinners that their kids eat and think is tasty.  Real life… I'm strapping five kids into their carseats and making a B line for Chicfilla for some nuggets and fries in the car.

Instagram shows beautifully organized closets and spotless homes.  Real life… y'all.. my laundry situation is out of control.  Mt. Everest has nothing on me.  

Instagram shows children who look cheerful and happy all the time.  Real life… there was a lot of discipline happening in our home today.  So much that I forgot which child was supposed to be disciplined.  True story.

Instagram shows moms curled up for dreamy naps with their children.  Real life… I'm definitely taking a nap.  Just with my head hanging off the couch and drool coming down my chin.  Another true story from last week.

Do you see where I'm going with this y'all?  

It's not real.  None of it.  We are pushing ourselves to achieve goals and realities that are not true.  Every single mama behind that little square is doing exactly what you are.  They're figuring it out.  They're tired too.

I love this quote that I stumbled upon this week from my favorite author Sally Clarkson,

"The voices in our heads convince us, at times, that we are inadequate, have failed our children and are some how different than all the other more perfect mamas who are represented on the Internet.  Yet, the reality is, you are just the mama your children need!  Your story is fitted just for you- and so are those sweet ones in your home."- Sally Clarkson

Your babies… they need YOU. They don't need a mama who doesn't feel like she is enough.  You are enough. 

Your babies need your kisses, your hugs, your cuddles. They need you to look at them in the eyes when they speak.  They need you to be their biggest cheerleader and supporter.  

They need you to put your phone aside.  They need you to enjoy the moment with them.  

We are all so different and bring such beautiful things to the mothering table.  Some of you are organized, others are brilliant with crafts and activities, others have a gift for preparing balanced meals, others have the beautiful gift of playing with your children… whatever your gift is as a mother… EMBRACE IT.  The Lord knew that your babies needed that gift specifically for them. 

We get so caught up trying to be the moms we see on social media, that we lose sight of the mother that God created us to be.  

Let's keep this conversation going… I would love for you to comment with what your gift is as a mother.  EVERYONE has one.  I can't wait to hear!

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Catching up...

My brain is a bit mushy these days. I'm slowly but surely coming out of the fog from the past three months of life.  They have been a glorious past three months.  But incredibly full.  So full that I'm not sure how we fit it all in!

July brought our sweet Cash Marshall and a newly engaged younger sister.  In early August (with a 2 week old) we jumped right into homeschooling. I'm so thankful we did it that way.  It was SO. INCREDIBLY. HOT the first few weeks of August which means we were cooped up in the house anyways with a newborn.  We dug right into our lessons so that once it cooled down we would have the freedom to enjoy the weather as much as we wanted!  August and September were also spent helping my sister plan her wedding which actually just took place last weekend.

We are finally in a really great spot with our schooling routine.  I feel like with anything it takes you awhile to adjust and figure out what works best.  There was a lot of trial and error, mainly because we were figuring things out with a newborn schedule.  But now sweet Cash is on a glorious little routine himself which makes our school mornings a little easier.

Speaking of Cash… y'all.. he is a dream boat of a baby.  My first four were okay sleepers.  I'm pretty sure they didn't know what sleeping through the night was until they were 8 or 9 months old.  And I was fine with that. I just thought that's how my kids would be.  And then Cash came along and has been sleeping through the night since 6 weeks.  Thank you Lord for a wonderful sleeper and a piggy of an eater!  We are all so in love with him.  Eloise loves to call him her "little sugar pie".  Tonight as we tucked her into bed she let out a big sigh and said "ohhhh I can't wait until morning to kiss my little sugar pie". :)  Like I said… IN. LOVE with him!

Over the next few weeks I have some super fun posts coming up as well as a new class that my mom and I will be working on together!  It'll be a class specifically for homeschooling!  Did y'all know that I was homeschooled K-12?  My mom has over 20 years of experience homeschooling and is going to be sharing some of her incredible knowledge!  More on that later :)

Also, let's talk for a brief moment about how NOVEMBER is on Sunday.  I am still not sure where October has gone?!  Hope you soak up the rest of it well over the next few days!  Happy weekend!

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Family Outing

One of my favorite things to do as a family is to take the kids on little adventures in our area.  Sometimes that means exploring the farmers markets around our area, finding new parks, going to town festivals or finding a fun show.  A few weeks ago I used Ticketmaster to find a show for our  family to go to.  If you haven't used Ticketmaster before it is incredibly easy to use!  You simply enter in your zip code and click on which category you're interested in.  Music, Sports, Arts+Theater and Family.  It pulls up shows in your area as well as the dates and times they're available.  A few of the other neat features that Ticketmaster has:

+App: They have an app!  You can get it on your Apple or Android.  So you're able to find a show with the click of a button on your smart phone.

+Deals:  You can see all ticket deals in your area including 2 for 1 tickets, Me+2, 4-Pack tickets, $40 Below Tickets and more!

+Verified Tickets: Ticketmaster guarantees the seat you buy is the seat you get.  Other sites may offer a money back guarantee or "comparable" seats if something ors wrong.  With Ticketmaster even tickets transferred or resold to you are 100% verified and issued in your name so they can't be counterfeited.

+Minimaster: there's a feature on the Ticketmaster website that is specifically for kids! Some of the Mini Features are Mini Events, Mini Blog and Mini Videos.  Your kids will love it!

I chose the Family tab on Ticketsmaster and found a fun western show called Pawnee Bills Wild West Show that was in the Ft. Worth Stockyards. We had the BEST time!  It was a historical reenactment of the original Pawnee Bill's Wild West Show that was shown at Cowtown Coliseum in 1909.  It featured a singing cowboy, trick riding, trick shooting, trick roping and a fun look back at history!

The next time you're looking for a fun family outing I highly encourage you to hop on!  Happy memory making!
A historical reenactment of the original Pnee Bill’s Wild West Show. The show features trick roping, trick shooting, trick riding, cowboy songs and an entertaining look at history.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Booties are my favorite shoe to wear!  They go with everything… jeans, dresses and shorts.  When in doubt?  Throw a pair of booties on  ;)  One of my favorite places to purchase shoes for our family is Zappos.  Have y'all ever shopped from there?  I have purchased shoes from Zappos for years.  Some of my favorite features that Zappos offers is that they have fast and free shipping, a 365 day return policy and incredible customer service.  As a busy mama to five little ones I don't have time to go shopping for shoes.  Online shopping is where it's at!

I was super excited to try out a pair of Clarks booties!  I have tried on many a bootie and while they may be cute they're not always comfortable.  These booties are hands down the most comfortable pair of shoes I own.  Clark's newest collection of shoes focus on having a stylish shoe all while being COMFORTABLE.  You no longer have to sacrifice comfort for style!  Here's to fashion and comfort all wrapped into one!