Monday, September 21, 2015


Last week I snuck away for a few days with baby Cash in tow to Austin, TX for our Rodan and Fields Convention.  My mom was SO incredibly wonderful to come and help Travis with the other kids while I was away.  Not only did she hold down the fort during the day but she also played substitute teacher for me.  And I should also mention she was somewhat Mary Poppin's-ish in the fact that she showed up with a giant box full of wonderful surprises for the kids.  Each day I would get text messages showing the most recent game/activity they were up to.  Homemade frisbees, bubble tubes, rivers made out of tin foil… Grandma pulled out all the stops :)  Knowing that everyone back home was so loved on and taken care of made my little get away even more relaxing!

Cash and I left bright and early Wednesday morning.  My plan was to take our time on the way down.  And take our time we did! I managed to double the amount of time it should have normally taken us.  One of the reasons it took us a bit longer was because I wanted to stop at Magnolia Market in Waco.  If you haven't heard of the show Fixer Upper on HGTV I highly suggest you watch it!  Magnolia Market is the shop owned by the couple who films Fixer Upper.  

Last year Convention was held in Atlanta, Georgia…this year in Austin, Texas… next year Las Vegas!  You can read my post from last year here.  

This year I left a day early to meet my team for an overnight retreat.  We stayed at a beautiful home in the hill country that had a pool and hot tub!  So many of the women from my team are from all over the United States (and Canada!).  Because of that we don't get the opportunity to visit in person very often.  It was such a sweet time getting to hang out in our sweatpants while eating pizza :)  Isn't that when the best conversations seem to always happen?!  

Thursday morning after our retreat we packed up our bags and headed to downtown Austin to meet up with 10,000 other Rodan and Fields Consultants!  There were women (and some men!) and beautiful skin everywhere :)  The next few days were filled with incredible training, excitement about our businesses, delicious food, lots of coffee, room service, dear friends, a million hugs and one PERFECT baby.  Cash Marshall truly was the perfect baby on our trip.  He woke up when it was time to be awake and slept when I needed him to sleep.  Dream baby!

A few pictures from the weekend...

1//downtown Austin
2//Magnolia Market in Waco
3//a happy and full baby after one of our nursing breaks. And of course an iced caramel macchiato ;)
4//some of the beautiful women who are on my team!

1//if you are EVER in a loud environment where you want to protect your babes ears I would HIGHLY suggest purchasing a Hush Hat!  Inside the main event at Convention it was REALLY loud. Especially towards the front where I was sitting.  Before we went into the event I slipped the Hush Hat on Cash and he didn't make a peep the whole time!  He just snoozed away :)
2//my snuggle buddy
3//I will say.. strollers have come a LONG way since having Emma! I loved being able to quickly latch his carseat on, throw our diaper bag underneath and have a cup holder up top for my drinks.  
4//room service on our last night. SUCH a treat!
 1//I LOVED getting to finally meet my friend Erika from A Little Bit of Everything blog.  We have tried to meet up a million times over the past year and things kept coming up.  Funny we both had to drive to Austin to make it happen :)
2//our team dinner at Moonshine.
3//babies, babies, babies everywhere at Convention!
4//thankful for the women who I get to "work" with!
 1//there were over 10,000 consultants in attendance at Convention this year.  It was an incredible honor to get to walk the stage and be honored with 118 other women for our performance in sales.
2//so many good snuggles with this little one!
3//I earned VIP access to Convention this year and one of the perks was a giant room filled with snacks and massage chairs.  Heavenly!

I have now been with Rodan and Fields for 2 1/2 years.  I can't believe it's been that long!  This business is something I wish I would have discovered a long time ago.  I think everyone on my team would agree 100% with me on that.  Being able to "work" on my own terms and on my own timeline… it doesn't get any better than that.  Not to mention I have incredible skincare right at my fingertips!

If you are curious about the business I would love to chat with you to see if it would be a good fit!

And if you're interested in our products I would love to send you info on them!  We have products for every skin type.  Dryness, aging, wrinkles, dark circles, sun spots, malasma, sensitivity, redness, dullness and more.  I have some fun specials going through the end of the month… shoot me an email!

Saturday, September 5, 2015


One of the things that I love about homeschooling is having more time throughout the day to let the kids be hands on in the kitchen.  I think it's so important that they know their way around the kitchen…whether they're a girl OR a boy :) I wanted to started them on a recipe that they could follow themselves the first time around so we chose the Lemonade Recipe out of The Little House on the Prairie Cookbook.  Emma read the recipe and they all took turns measuring, squeezing and tasting the lemonade.  
Once their lemonade was ready they each fixed themselves a glass and I sent them outside to drink it while I nursed the baby.  Our kitchen has a large window that looks out into our backyard… perfect for keeping an eye on the kids playing while I'm inside.  As I sat feeding Cash I glanced out to see that they had set up some chairs around a little stool and were visiting as they drank their lemonade (Eloise was still napping…she joined them later).  There's no doubt that having five little ones and homeschooling is time consuming and hard at times.  But those moments where I see them all together… laughing and visiting with one another.  Those are the moments that make the hard moments worth it.  There is nothing sweeter than seeing their sibling relationships strengthen.  
We're now a full month into our school year.  I've had quite a few people ask questions about what curriculum we're using, what our schedule looks like, how I stay organized.  In the next few weeks I'll get that typed up.  Plus it's something that I'm sure I'll want to look back on in years to come :)
Hope your long weekend is a lovely one!

Monday, August 17, 2015


This morning we had our first day of homeschool.  And just in case you're scrolling back trying to do the math.. yes.. I started with a 2 week old baby in tow ;)  
Summer has officially reached it's "dog-days" mark here in Texas.  It's too hot to play outside during the day which has left us all feeling a bit of cabin fever by the time the day ends.  Routine was calling our name! 
Two years ago I homeschooled Emma for her kindergarten year.  Then last year she went to public school for first grade.  Both were the right decisions for those years and both years were SO wonderful!  But after a lot of prayer we decided that homeschooling was the best fit for our family for this year.  I love having a flexible schedule and being able to learn alongside the kids. And we wanted them to be able to explore the world around them… not just from a classroom. 
I've had several people ask what curriculum we're doing and what our schedule will look like… that post will come in a month or so. Once we've had a chance to get into everything :)
Our school morning started bright and early.  Once one kid wakes up the rest of the house is up as well!  I had set out the kid's new school supplies on the table for them to find when they woke up.  You would have thought it was Christmas morning :)  After breakfast the rest of the morning was spent trying out our new routine and digging into their new books.  
This morning before the kids were up I was nursing the baby and praying over our day.  Praying that our day would be peaceful and that the Lord would bless it with so many little ones doing so many things.  And now here we are on the other side of the morning… and He did just that.  I am so thankful for this time with my kids.  So thankful for the time that I have been given to invest into their lives.  Now off to make myself an afternoon cup of coffee…. I'm exhausted :)

Friday, August 7, 2015


This afternoon at 4:10PM we'll officially have a one week old.  It has truly been one of the best weeks of my life.  Next week marks the one year anniversary that we miscarried a little one.  I remember praying and begging the Lord for another little one.  We found out on Thanksgiving day that we were expecting again.  And now here we are… one year later with the most glorious blessing.  The Lord has been so good and faithful.  
Cash has truly been a dream of a baby.  Sleeping long spurts through the night and nursing like a champ through the day.  Wednesday was my first day with all five of them by myself.  The recovery with this delivery has been the quickest yet which has been a HUGE blessing.  I know you're supposed to take it easy after having a baby but I have tried to get back to our normal routine for the most part.  Mainly because I see the big four thriving when things feel "normal".  There's something so comforting about having their little routines in place.  Wednesday morning we even ventured out… the bank drive-thru, the drive-thru car wash and the drive-thru Starbucks for cake pops and an iced tea.  It felt glorious to get out of the house with all of them… even if we did just drive around ha!
This next week is going to be filled with laid back fun… my mom and little sister came into town for the week. Which means lots of help and down time on my end.  Isn't family the best?! :)  
Hope your weekend is a great one!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Welcome Little One!

Friday was one of the best days of my life!  We welcomed sweet Cash Marshall into our family!  He was born at 4:10 PM and was 8lb. 8 oz and 21.5 inches.  He has been a dream of a baby!  It has been so fun watching the other kids interact with him.  Emma turns into a mother hen when around him, Colt gets googly eyed and can't stop kissing him, Cade is similar to Colt and turns the sweetness level up a million notches…so much sweet baby talk going on! And then Eloise…she's not too sure what to think :)  She acknowledges his presence and that's about it.  I have a feeling he'll have to win her over ;)  
It was an easy delivery which has meant for an easy recovery.  I am so thankful for that!  One thing is for sure, Cash is a nursing champ.  I'm certain he would eat 24/7 if I let him :)  
Just a few pictures from his birthday weekend...